Welcome to my Blog! Bienvenue, /Bienvenidos!

I’m Camose Masse. After working in both Urban and the suburban school districts as a French Teacher for a decade, I “retired” and chose to focus on teaching  you how to love your life, your teaching, and your growth by finding and maintaining balance.

If you are motivated to change the world in your classroom and to learn from my successes ( and failures). Please join my community and get my free tips and  advice. Thanks for reading. Merci beaucoup! Gracias!   765bd13da2c5a37f1f55a47f2aaa7e63


17 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog! Bienvenue, /Bienvenidos!

  1. Congratulations on your Blog! Teaching takes many forms, and many approaches. The common theme is educating those with whom you teach, Your post addresses this well. Education is the one quality no one can take away from you; but you can use and improve forever. Well done!


  2. Indeed! Sharing one’s insights as an educator and collaborating should be the hallmarks of education. I would like to add that this practice is relevant not just for teachers but for students as well especially at the secondary level


  3. Passion and fortitude is an essential element of an educator and Mrs. Camose Masse has effectively demonstrated both characteristics. As a mentor and teacher assistant one can ascertain her professional values as well as; the reasoning and perspectives of a true educator, Emily Hernaiz and her family will for ever be grateful for your support.

    Thank you.


  4. There is nothing more rewarding than being an educator. Teaching about loving yourself and growing as a person is even more rewarding. You have all those qualities to really make a difference . As an educator and once your co worker I share all those goals. Congratulations and good luck
    Martha Elena Galindo


  5. Camose Masse is an extraordinary teacher and mentor. She taught me some excellent skills that helped me to become a better teacher.


    1. First of all, great job on having a part of you dream be reality!

      I love your perspective that teahing is not just the content, but more about who you are being up in front of the room. Emerson said, “Who you are speaks so loud, I can’t hear what you say.” For all of us, we learned most of what we know by our past experience, and a great part of that has something to do with examples others set before us.
      I love the track your on…keep it going!

      It’s time we


      1. Excellent write-up, Camose. Kudos for your insights. They’re sure to help students in particular to live more rewarding lives. There’s no doubt that technological advancement is making things much easier, especially with regard to teaching and learning. Somehow, I think it’s also contributing to a stifling of the innate potential of students. Teaching should be an art for students to be able to grasp content permanently, and not in a casual manner for the sake of passing or completing one course and moving on to another. Some of us didn’t have the luxury of using calculators during math classes in elementary school. And that called for using our mental capacities much of the time. Not so today.


  6. Indeed, there is a difference between short-term learning and long-term learning. Technology can be used to promote and scaffold learning, but it can’t be a substitute for using our mental capacities. It is up to the educators and the learners to find that delicate balance.


    1. Yes there is a definite difference between short term and long term learning. When first in college I took a course which focused on the two forms of learning. In school we referred to them as short term and long term memory. I can honestly say the lessons I learned there had a definite connection with my success in college in my later years. I agree with you completely that modern technology can only take you so far in the classrooms and nothing can replace old fashion homework using one’s human mind. Nothing can replace taking good notes in class and when one gets home restudying what one learned that day in class and letting it sink into one’s short term memory. That technique of studying made it possible for me not to have to have study cram sessions at the end of the school term for final exams.


  7. Student focus on something other than technology is an extremely important part of learning. Addiction to cellphones makes teaching more difficult than it already is!


    1. Indeed, we have to find that delicate balance between judicial use of technology to enhance our lessons and having it being the focal point of students’ attention.


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