Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week!

I appreciate all that you do! Thank You! The famous.quote sums it all up: “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” Well, since I can write this, I am also saying: “Thank you” to a teacher. Teachers,  you wear so many hats and you do it with grace, humility and patience. You create! You inspire! You support! Most importantly, you model citizenship for those that stand before you!

Thank you very much! Merci beaucoup. Muchos gracias! Grazie!  Mesi!


How many different ways can you say “Thank you” to our educators?

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3 thoughts on “Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week!

  1. Thank you Camose for sharing your experience with regards to teaching, enjoying life,etc. I going to share your site address with my nieces who are teachers as well a couple of my friend who are teacherstill. Good luck in your new endeavors.


  2. National Teacher Appreciation Week is as Camose said a time for recognition of all “hats teachers wear,” from inspiring students to reflecting on their own instructional practices. As teachers we must always be thinking about ways to make our students strive for success and one day, become active confident members of our democratic society.
    I also really like how Camose ends this post with saying thank you in four different languages. National Teacher Appreciation Week is a time is celebrate and say thank you to teachers, students, and paraprofessionals alike! During this week, and really all year, it is important to remember to embrace and celebrate diversity!


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