Removing the Limitations in a Digital Environment

Technology is just a tool. Its positive impact stems from the purposeful, quality of use by the teacher and the students.

Innovative Education Solutions

What is the ideal blended learning environment? I have had a lot of noneducators talk to me about technology in the classroom. Most don’t have informed opinions (so I’m happy to share mine with them). Many ask me what the best device is for learning. Sadly, I’ve even had educators argue this point with me in favor of one particular device. Good teaching and sound student-directed learning is device-agnostic. High-quality learning can happen on laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and cell phones. It’s not the device that makes the difference. Just like there are definitely instances where the best learning occurs with no device.

In addition to the type of technology, I often hear that blended learning can only happen in a 1:1 environment. While 1:1 is fantastic, not all school systems have the infrastructure and/or finances in place to make this a reality.

So instead, I ask if you only had six…

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