Why One Good Teacher Left the Classroom

Why do the teachers leave the classroom?

Innovative Education Solutions

I recently published the post, Why Are Good Teachers Leaving the Classroom?  One of my friends, Andrea GrandPré, mentioned in the article, wrote this in response:

You nailed it. I definitely left for change. I miss the students some days, but now at the end of the work day I get to go home at a reasonable hour and be with my husband, enjoy some free time, and not feel so drained I can barely move. I’m also no longer in an environment where people are always commenting on my performance, assessing where I failed, and pointing out where I could be so much better. Feedback is necessary for improvement, but after a certain point that feedback becomes nothing more than a constant stream of criticism and not everyone (I include myself here.) can handle that environment. In short, I needed a change from an environment that, for…

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