Why I Believe in Education

Innovative Education Solutions

Today’s blog prompt is “Why do you teach?”.  How do you sum up a multitude of reasons, emotions, and experiences in a short blog post?  I like to call myself an educator, rather than a teacher, because I am also an administrator – hence the title of my post.

I became a teacher because I loved to work with kids.  I get how cliche that is.  And we had college professors who drilled into us to never answer that way in an interview.  But what if it’s true?  Add to that, the cliche that my mom was a teacher.  And this part is going to sound really bad…I grew up in a small town, attended a small-town high school, and really wasn’t aware of the different opportunities and possibilities available to me.  Even so, I do not regret my decisions to become a teacher.  I still love working with kids.


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