3 Ways Leaders can Flip Staff Meetings for more Authentic Growth

Innovative Education Solutions

We’ve all sat in those meetings wondering why on earth we are still debating what color to paint the staff restroom. So maybe not that exact debate, but something equally inconsequential in the lives of students and staff. I remember going to monthly whole-staff meetings as a classroom teacher. They would usually begin with housekeeping items, then sometimes there would be an article to read and discuss. Other times there would be data to analyze. But at the end of the meeting, we never really did anything with that information. I don’t remember ever leaving a single one energized, or feeling like what I just did was worthwhile. And I taught for fourteen years. That’s a lot of time that could’ve been spent in better ways.

As a district administrator, the meetings were more frequent, and much longer in duration. The difference was that they were conducted around a conference…

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